RockIt!: "Elena Minina, Alexander Baier and Ralf Neumann kidnap you in an unbelievable Sound-Universe. Progressive elements in symbiosis with Nightwish-typical bombast what leads into that 'Eternal Flame', 'Cherokee' or 'Revelation' show in each single run new facets and fine touches and they spread fully in listening it several times. In a final view we have here a CD presentation of unbelievable long-terme fun on rocking grounds."

Break Out: "Finest produced, multy-layered symphonic-metal with extraordinary great vocals. ...Fans of Tarja Turunen will have a great kickout of listening to vocalist Elena Minina."

Legacy: "With 'Princess of the Dark' Tigersclaw succeded in doing an awesome debut. This band needs not to be anxious in getting compared with the great Finns (Nightwish), respectively the strong voice power of their frontwoman. If you like Nightwish, you can grab without hesitation and fans of power/epic find here a delicacy!"

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CD Review at Ravenheart Music,UK (9.5/10)


(7hard) Reviewed 26th July 2017

Tigersclaw fronted by the awesome vocals of Elena Minina, is a melodic Symphonic Power Metal band from Germany, incorporating classical elements coupled with occasional ballads. This album through its 13 tracks I must say is rather good from a band I have never heard of until now. There are some absolute belters from a whole package of them including the opening cut 'World Of The Dead', the pounding 'Storm Of Steel', the mainly mid paced 'Like An Angel' with its progressive influences, the power ballads 'Eternity' and 'Screams', the bouncy 'Revelation' and the closing epic and flippin' awesome 7 minute plus 'Divine'. This is a jolly good release and should please fans of our beloved female fronted scene, with vocalist Elena at times reminding me of Liv Kristine. Every track on here is a corker - the band's Facebook is here... Great stuff!  9.5/10 (Dave)
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LetsRock Radio

"CD is superb, simply terrific good - Highlight of 2017 - Congratulations, cinema at its best! Album is simply ingenious. Brilliant guitar riffs, fantastic voice, makes the flesh crawl this voice! That`s how a Rock/Metal album has to sound like, it is brilliant, really, World-class music, and sound is bombastic."

"Ein Hammer Silberling einfach nur Baerenstark - Das Highlight 2017 - Gratulation, ganz grosses Kino! Das Album ist einfach Genial. Brilliante Riffs, eine Hammer Stimme, Gaensehaut Pur die Stimme! So muss ein Rock/Metal Album klingen, es ist einfach Brilliant, wirklich. Weltklasse gemacht und der Sound bombastisch."

"Диск великолепный, просто потрясающе хороший - выделяющийся среди всего, в нынешнем 2017! - Поздравляем! Альбом просто гениальный. Гениальные гитарные риффы, фантастический голос, он заставляет вас просто трепетать - этот голос! Вот как должен звучать альбом-рок/метала! Это действительно мирового уровня музыка и звук бомбический".



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